1. Only members and supervised guests may use the range.
  2. Membership cards must be visible or shown to any member who requests.
  3. Shooting hours are from sunrise to sunset Monday thru Sunday unless otherwise posted.
  4. You must wear proper eye and ear protection at all times.
  5. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted on the premises.
  6. No glass, plastic or junk targets are permitted.
  7. Clean up your trash. This includes brass, targets, ammo boxes, and any other discarded items. Use trash cans or take it home.
  8. Patterning or testing of shotguns is not permitted on any of the range target boards!! They cause too much damage!! Bring your own testing targets. Be sure to pick up your mess.
  9. Always point the muzzle of your firearm in a safe direction.
  10. Do not handle firearms while anyone is down range.
  11. Do not go forward of the firing line until each and every shooter ensures that his or her firearm is clear and safe.
  12. Willful destruction of club property or failure to observe these safety rules will result in your loss of privileges and/or eviction from the club.