The Sanford-Springvale Fish & Game Protective Association was founded in 1938 with the intent of preserving Maine's wildlife and furthering the enjoyment of the area's many outdoor sporting activities, such as hunting, fishing, shooting, and archery. We remain just as committed to these causes today as did our founders some 70 years ago.

We are an active, ever changing organization. We welcome ideas from our members regarding any new and innovative programs which might be added to our regular schedule. We intend to provide instruction and recreational enjoyment to not only our membership, but to the youth of the community as well, for they are the future of our organization and will hopefully continue to enjoy Maine's outdoor activities in the years ahead.

To find out more about our club or to inquire as to how to become a member,
go to this page, or contact our Financial Secretary.

Printable Membership Application
(pdf file)



There has been a change in how dues will be accepted this coming year.
  1. You must fill out the 2018-2019 membership application form to renew or apply for the upcoming year. Please fill it out completely and legibly. We have been having issues with reading some of the applications in the past.
  2. Dues will not be accepted at the September or October meetings. This is being done to minimize the impact to those meetings.
Please plan ahead.


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